Easy move Berlin is a real estate service provider. Finding an apartment in Berlin is a long painful process. The easy Move team’s goal was to make this process more affordable while taking the pain from their clients. 

Business Analyze

characteristics of web use

Easy Move Berlin has two different types of potential clients. Locals whom are most likely to be using mobile. Probably on their way to somewhere. The other type are people who wish to relocate to Berlin. They are most likely to reading this on desktop. Consuming the information in great attention. 


Finding the way not to be seen as brokers. Building trust and credibility within potential clients as a new business that does not guarantee success. Getting clients to pay upfront. 

Target audience

Couples who work full time and don’t have the time to search for an apartment. People who have immigrated to the city a while ago and find it difficult to find an apartment. Families and couples who live aboard and want to relocate to Berlin. 


Stage one was finding potential clients and providing the service for free for the first five clients. Stage two providing the service in 50% discount. This lead to building clients who tell about the service to others potential clients. Facebook recommendations and tags by clients was part of the strategy that lead Easy Move to more clients. 

Changing and adapting the website on the go

Easy Move team goal was to have a website and starting to work asap. The strategy leads us to improve, change, and adjust the website to the service and target audience needs. We began with one-page website, the next step was adding the inside service pages, client form and blog. It is one of our favorite strategies it allows the business to start talking with clients, even starting to make money. The feedback the business receive for their clients allow us to provide much better results. To build credibility we have created the feeling of a multiple services company although it really a one service.

Let's talk work

We had to find the way to create a website that balance between the different target audience. On the one hand locals who are frustrated with the market and just need a quick over view of the service to people who relocate and need much more information.  In the homepage people where able to browse the service  or read more if necessary. 

Main homepage sections. The homepage provides the credibility and atmosphere of big business even it was a new business. As the first months of the business, the main picture was of the team and there was also a team section.