Harp Micro Cities

Harp is the solution for remote workers to live, work and experience life in a community in rural areas. Big project with a big vision. 

Business Analysis

Target audience

Weharp website: In short: Digital nomads, remote workers, freelancers. They are either lonely or tired of the cost and low quality of life in the city.
Harp Micro Cities Website: investors, mayor’s, visionaries, and possible partnerships.

characteristics of web use

Weharp: Savvy desktop users and they work to make a living from a laptop. Quality of the internet is questioned due to the movement of some. 

Harp Micro Cities: Most likely to be looked on mobile. In to be simple and load fast. The target audience is time limited. Straight forward website. 

Thinking process and strategy

We had to think in the long run. Do we build one huge website with many pages and options or do we break it down to little pieces? A website for each location? They need a booking system, application process, and a community website for each location. To maintain so many websites is insane. We choose a ‘formal’ website, potential tenants, and booking website, and a mobile app for whom who have become a Harper. Sounds simple right? bus the process thinking is much more complicated. we can’t share all the factors that lead us to thins decision.  

Harp Micro Cities

This website is targeted for B2B audiance


This website is targeted to Harp end-users.