Online jewelry shop for Moms

Avivit Singer is the creator of Mamaschic a unique jewelry business that combines fashionable design and healthy beads for babies. As a new business she had a lot of  

Business Analysis

characteristics of web use

Could be using desktop or mobile. They don’t have lots of passions as babies take a lot of time at the begging.  Tired, maybe feeling a little neglected. She cares about material that are in contact with her newborn.

Target audience

A woman with a baby around three month old+. Live’s in Europe due to shipments. She is in a maternity leave.

Business requirements

Easy to manage products and supply: add and remote products. Fast and law cost implantation. The client provided all the images and text. We choose to go with a theme that was customized and redesigned to the needs of the business.  We also provided full guidance and consultancy for online and offline marketing.   

The significance of the information on site design and construction

Clean straight forward design. Finding the balance between providing the information and qualities of the beads to the shop. As this moms are busy and probably don’t have a lot of peace in browsing the website it’s important to keep the clean design, and not too many products as once. 

Easy navigation between product.

Easy to the eye amount of product not to loose the focus.

Simple emphasize of the unique selling point of the business.

Shop Page

On hover the mom’s get to see how it look on a woman.