Building your business? Don’t waste your time and money before answering these questions

About eight years ago when I’ve started my entrepreneurial journey, I did a number of rookie mistakes. I really wanted to succeed. I fell in love blindly with the feeling of building a big successful company.

I had to learn many things as I didn’t have a business background. Of course, I knew that it cannot guarantee success. I did have good design skills for crafting unique pieces of jewelry.

Opening a local shop required a lot of money that I didn’t have. Facebook didn’t have apps those days and I thought an online shop with jewelry that the average cost is 80 EURS plus shipping is going to be the next big “online” fashion company.

I’ve started learning about online marketing, SEO. How to build an audience and many other things. I kept on learning what I felt like a can-do and I ignored questions that I had no answers to. Like who is your typical client? well, I don’t know man, I’ve just started… “everyone is” What are their online behaviors? “What? What did you just ask me… what’s your online behavior…” What is your business goal? “Selling jewelry like daa”

And this is just 3 questions out of 100 that it’s better to have an answer before you start.

Don’t panic!

It’s ok not knowing the answers. It just means you need help.

Get an expert and build your first steps with them but do not sweep it under the rug.

If I would have been doing this, I would have been able to save myself a lot of money and pain.

What’s my goal? being an online shop? Or building a big international brand?

I would have understood that back then in 2012, it was too early to sell expensive jewelry. I could have built a different strategy. I had two choices: finding a way to keep the designs and selling to locals without opening a shop. The other option was to build a website for branding awareness only or redesigning the jewelry to sell them online exclusively.

I would have able to break down my collections to different target groups and do targeted marketing.

The questions that we need to ask and answer before starting a business usually can be answered by some people with experience in different areas. Areas such as business strategy, marketing, and a bit of behavioral economics and others. Of course, it depends on your business and products.

Most people can’t have it all which is why working with people who have experience is important. Getting advice and questions answered is a critical step.

Save yourself money, time, and frustration! Answering basic-specific questions will allow you to build a winning business.

Every problem has an answer

A month ago, we did a limited promotion and small business owners whom their income stopped due to the Coronavirus. A nice lady called me said she does a home interior design and styling so she is out of business. She also lives in a super small town in Israel that is mainly a tourist city. I said great let’s break free. We broke down her work process and we converted her local business to an online business. Now she can even have clients all over the country.

Everything is possible if you have an attitude of a winner.

When we take a new client, we want to make sure you are on the right path. The evaluation puts us in front of a mirror, pushing both of us to the right track.

If you can answer these questions, amazing. Let’s make double sure your request is the right strategy. If you can’t answer these questions, no worries. We have your back.

You can find some of the questions here

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